Hotel Astrokaktos
on the island of Tinos.
Outings close to our facilities
Skalados: The warmth and friendly smiles of the villagers will provide you with a pleasant introduction to their customs. This village offers church steeples scattered throughout, dovecotes, a water source, and a mill.

Loutra: The Ursulines' convent's extraordinary museum will permit you to learn
all about the Ursulines' history. Also, you will be able to visit the Jesuits' folklore
museum and participate in the Town of Xomburgo's festivals.


Route A2 provides walking enthusiasts with a road that links Skalados
with Koumaros and Xomburgo;
Skalados with Loutra, Perastra, and Komi;
Skalados with Krokos;
and also Skalados with Milo and Agapi.

Xomburgo. This is a mountain that can unite mankind. Perform mountaineering and mountain climbing on the granite mountain of Xomburgo (possible ascents are indicated). Visit the ancient town of Tinos.

Volax (1 km away): Meander along the picturesque small streets, visit the folklore museum and the outside theatre, and perform bouldering on the mysterious rocks of Volax.

Kolimbithra Beach (3 km away): Gaze upon the blue infinity of the sea as you arrive at the rendezvous of your dreams. Savour carefree moments at this beautiful beach.

Tarambados (3 km away): You will find some very pretty dovecotes in this village.

Agios Romanos (4 km away) is another beach very close to our apartments

Refer to outings on the island of Tinos that are located a little further from our apartments

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